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Now is the time to see what WAM can really do for you! WAM's 2019 Live Training Seminar will be held in Reno, NV, March 12th – 15th.

In under one week you can easily understand, and utilize, any and every feature WAM has to offer, at an intermediate to advanced level. This seminar will give you the tools to make your company a raging success. NO LIE! Even in a stressed economy with the right tools you can flourish. All you need is the know how to utilize the system you already have. This seminar offers complete training on every aspect of WAM. If you feel that you could learn more or could benefit by utilizing the system more efficiently, you should attend this seminar!

Each training session will be between one hour and three and a half hours long, and will cover subjects such as ACH Payments, Billing, Dispatching, Fleet Maintenance, and Reporting, (see schedule for more details). All classes will be given at an Intermediate or Advanced level on the latest version of WAM-Hauler. Anyone attending the seminar should be on Version 5.30 or higher. Also, all attendees should possess knowledge of WAM on at least a beginning level. Any admin who feels that they would benefit from a training session prior to attending the seminar should contact the Training Department to schedule a time for telephonic training. You can also sign up for our monthly Webinar on the New Employee Basic training held the 2nd Friday of each month, excluding March.

Reservations paid and confirmed prior to March 8, 2019 will be at discounted rate.

You cannot afford to put this off, now is the time to get trained. Seating is limited join us in Reno, NV and get everything you need to have a profitable company. SIGN UP NOW!