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How is WAM different than other software programs?
In addition to the many features you will read about in this information, WAM has a flexibility that is not found in other systems. This allows you to mold WAM around how you do business, rather than being a slave to how your system works. People who have switched to WAM from other systems are mostly amazed at how often our Tech Support says "yes" when they ask for something. During your online demonstration of WAM, you can easily see this flexibility and how it will help you.

Who do I call if I have a problem?
WAM has a number of help features built right into the standard system. All of the help information is written in an easy-to-follow instructional format. It is more like 'plain english' than some 'foreign computer language'. The on-screen help features in WAM make it easy for a new person to effectively use the system immediately. Make sure to ask to see this feature during your online demonstration so you can see how truly helpful it is.

What type of computer is required?
There is no special equipment needed to run WAM. It will run on any standard PC that is able to run any of the more recent versions of Windows. It even runs on most of the older Windows versions.

How is my information protected from unauthorized access?
WAM comes with a complete security system. Each user is assigned a password that determines what functions they are allowed to perform within the system. Setting up what each user is capable of doing can be done at a very detailed level, such as 'Mary is allowed to get into customer files, she can add new charges, but can only delete or modify previously entered charges within a 24 hour period.'

Why is WAM's reporting better than other systems?
WAM's Report Writer is what allows WAM to have such superior reporting. It is so comprehensive that all reports that come with the system are written in it. This is a tremendous advantage over systems that use a third-party report writer (which is report writer software written and sold by someone else, such as Crystal Reports). Systems that use a third-party report writer will not have all of their reports written in the report writer because of its lack of sophistication. This is a big disadvantage as it means all reports cannot be easily modified, since they will not be in the Report Writer and therefore not under your control. WAM's integrated Report Writer is much more advantageous, since you or our Tech Support Dept will be able to quickly and easily modify any of the reports that come with WAM.