WAM-Hauler is the software of choice with waste haulers across the country. The software is very flexible and has all the features most waste hauling companies need in order to run their operations smoothly and profitably. WAM-Hauler was initially created onsite at a solid waste hauling company in California over 35 years ago. Over the years WAM has continued to develop and enhance the software to add features that clients request and ensure the software is always number one in the industry.

  • Fast and Simple One-Key Billing
  • Customer Account Management
  • Route Sheets
  • Dispatching and Container Tracking
  • Flexible and Custom Reporting
  • Online E-Billing
  • Payments and Credit Card Processing
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Support Staff

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Main Customer Account

The Main Customer Account screen holds the most commonly used information for your customers.
An account may have a different, or same, billing name/address and service name/address. You are able to look up an account any of twelve different ways (by name, phone#, address, etc.) Additional tabs at the top of the account screen make for fast and intuitive movement so you can find any information easily.

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Billing Register

A Billing Register is one of the most commonly run reports in an accounting system. If need to know how much was billed, and for what services, then this is the report for you! WAM includes a dozen variations of this type of report, each showing information differently or with a different set of totals. Select charges between two dates, for only certain groups of customers, or a specific service code. There are so many standard options, plus we can customize any report to fit your needs.

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WAM Automated Call Center

The WAM Call Center - a true gem of the Web Services package! Use the Call Center to create a custom audio recording as an announcement to your customers. Commonly this is used for past-due / collection calls, holiday or inclement weather routing notices, policy announcements, or company promotions. Once you have created the voice recording, select which customers (by group, route, pickup day, past due balance, etc.) will receive the phone call and start the job. WAM's Call Center can call your customers and play the announcement as slow as 1 call / minute, or as quickly as hundreds of calls per minute. When complete, you'll even see the results of each attempted call.

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Services & Rates

Every customer account can hold as many different services as needed. Each service may have a unique rate to be charged, individual routing information, and specific messages for their services.
A service may additionally have multiple charge type breakdowns, such as a hauling fee, plus landfill fee, plus over tonnage fees, plus tax.

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Route Profitability

Since WAM holds all information related to charges, landfill costs, and fleet/driver information, you are able to get accurate profitability reports for any given Route or service day. These reports are extremely valuable, showing you at a glance what days and routes are the least or most profitable.

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Credit Card Processing

Process credit card payments directly through WAM, and at ultra low utility rates.
- Process an individual CC payment directly from a customer's account if they call in a payment.
- Store securely encrypted CC info on file and automatically charge recurring customers at the time of billing or when their payments are due. This bulk process makes it quick an easy to charge a few, or thousands of cards at once.
- Allow your customers to securely log in to a portal via your website where they can view their balance, print bills, and make a CC payment.

Three ways to get you paid faster and easier!

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Customer Detail History

Every transaction that is date or money related is kept in the date-order Detail History for all customer accounts. Easily see charges, payments, comments, complaints, adjustments, price changes, and more. View a specific transaction to get the full detail about the action, and even which of your employees did it and when.

Route Sheet

Route Sheets

Route Sheets are very customizable to make things quick and efficient for your drivers. Paper route sheets can print special notes in a different color, can include driver messages about stops, and show any information you would like (customer name, phone#, address, container#, and more).



E-Billing is a must-have in most areas of the country these days. Go Green and save paper, save money on postage, and get paid faster.
WAM will email your customers that are signed up for Web Bills to let them know they have a new invoice. The customer can click the link, view or print their bill, and make a payment on your website.
This is a huge time and money saver for waste hauling companies.

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Dispatch Ticket / Work Order

Dispatch Tickets serve two main purposes; to give your driver the information about the on-call service they need, and to optionally collect a signature from the customer. The work order has vital information such as service name & address, a description of the requested service, other notes such as driving directions or availability hours. The format of the ticket is fully customizable and can give the driver room to make notes and record job information.

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Email Center

The WAM Email Center - you can't live without it! Use the Email Center to efficiently contact some or all of your customers. Commonly this is used for billings, past-due / collection calls, holiday or inclement weather routing notices, policy announcements, or company newsletters & promotions. Once you have created the email text and added any optional attachments, select which customers (by billing group, route, pickup day, past due balance, etc.) will receive the emails and start the job. WAM's Email Center will jump into action and start sending at the time/date you specify. When complete, you can optionally mark the accounts that received an email.

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Rolloff Profitability

Easily run reports by date, driver, customer, or area to show rolloff load profitability.
Dump cost, overage fees, driver pay, fuel cost, taxes, and extra fees are all taken into account to give you the most accurate figures.

One-Key Billing

One-Key Billing

WAM's One-Key Billing is the easiest billing in the industry!
Simply tell WAM what group of customers (residential, front-load, rolloff, etc.) that you want to bill, and the program does the rest. WAM will automatically generate recurring charges, assess extra charges or fees, assign and reconcile invoices, run billing reports, and format the bills for you. The bills can be emailed, printed to postcards, invoices, or statements.
It really is just that simple!

  • Customer Accounts

    Customer Account

    Main Customer Account screen

  • Billing Registers

    Billing Register

    Need to see what was billed?

  • Rolloff Profitability

    Rolloff Profitability

    Profit earned per rolloff load

  • Phone Call Center

    Phone Call Center

    Fast notices to your customers...

  • Services and Rates

    Services & Rates

    Adding a Service / Rate...

  • Route Profitability

    Route Profitability

    How much are you really making?

  • One-Key Billing

    One-Key Billing

    The industry's easiest billing!

  • Mass Emailing

    Mass Email Center

    Mass Email your customers...

  • Dispatch Ticket

    Dispatch Ticket

    Dispatch Tickets / Work Orders

  • Credit Card Processing

    Credit Cards

    Three ways to charge cards...

  • Detail History

    Detail History

    See all transaction activity...

  • Route Sheet

    Route Sheets

    Detailed route listing by driver...

  • E-Billing


    Web Bills saves you time & money!

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