WAM-Web Services

The WAM Web Servers are a secure network of internet servers optimized exclusively for the use of WAM clients. A subscription allows you access to all of the free services and the option to access the fee-based services.

WAM Web Services includes a whole package of internet-based features, from mass or individual credit card processing, to automated phone calls for reminders or service delay notifications, to PDF electronic billing with emailed links, and much more.

Web Services is a vital package for the WAM systems which allows you to save money, go green, be more efficient, and service your customers the way they need.
These functions save an enormous amount of time and money over the old-fashioned method of mailing notices and bills and doing things by hand.

  • Online Customer Account Lookup
  • Web Bills (E-Billing)
  • Online Service Ordering
  • Mass Emailing
  • Text Messaging
  • Mass (recorded message) Phone Calling
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Stat Display System

Are you ready to learn more about WAM Web Services and how it interfaces with WAM-Hauler, Easy Bill & Route, and WAM-Scale?
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